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Our Mission

We are more than happy to help educate the public on the benefits of CBD. We all inherently have an Endocannabinoid System, thus the reason why so many people experience relief from muscle, joint and nerve pain. Decrease in stress and anxiety. It can also help you get better sleep and boosts your energy level. Digestive issues?? It can help with that too! The Endocannabinoid System is considered a "Meta-System" because it permeates so many of our other physiological systems. It is important to replenish your Cannabinoid receptors!!

We believe making a difference in the world starts with each one of us as individuals. We are all special and powerful! Though when we come together as a whole with the same mission in mind...that is a huge catalyst for change!

Here at Serenity Island Gifts we strive to keep the vibration high! Spreading love, light, positivity, and encouragement!!

About Harvest Garden Farms:

In winter when the garden is sleeping she travels far and wide to bring treasures to the island for that unusually perfect gift giving.

From handcrafted jewelry to hand whittled wood you never know what Miss Anita Weed found for you.

Serenity Island Gifts

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Welcome to Serenity Island Gifts! We Speak CBD!

We have a full line of CBD products to offer. With Knowledgeable staff to help with any CBD questions you might have. We have also become a showcase for local artists and crafters. Our ever changing inventory of unique gift items is sure to bring a smile!

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