About Us
Read up a bit on how we came to be, and who the Serenity Island locals are!

We Speak CBD!

Our Story

Harvest Garden Farms began as a small family farm in southern Minnesota. There Miss Anita Weed learned the rhythm of the seasons and the soil from her father and grandfather. She came to Wisconsin and put roots down in Minong. There she carries on the family tradition of working in harmony with the land and seasons to bring you the very best CBD cannabis this region has to offer.

What We Do

Miss Anita Weed has developed a line of skin care products with you in mind. Our basic skincare package will enhance your daily ritual leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated. In addition we offer the best and most current skin care products on the market today including our vitamin c serum and revitalizing cream.

We also offer hand lotion, massage oil and a fabulous Tattoo Aftercare cream. Our pain cream made with emu oil is our #1 selling item with rave reviews. We have teamed up with other top brands such as Southerland CBD and Abby Christopher to bring you tinctures, gummies and isolates. Our goal is to bring you a well rounded offering of CBD products as we stay up to date with the research and development of new products.

Our Mission

We are more than happy to help educate the public on the benefits of CBD. We all inherently have an Endocannabinoid System, thus the reason why so many people experience relief from muscle, joint and nerve pain. Decrease in stress and anxiety. It can also help you get better sleep and boosts your energy level. Digestive issues?? It can help with that too! The Endocannabinoid System is considered a "Meta-System" because it permeates so many of our other physiological systems. It is important to replenish your Cannabinoid receptors!!

We believe making a difference in the world starts with each one of us as individuals. We are all special and powerful! Though when we come together as a whole with the same mission in mind...that is a huge catalyst for change!

Here at Serenity Island Gifts we strive to keep the vibration high! Spreading love, light, positivity and encouragement!!

Meet The Serenity Island Locals!


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Store Manager

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Team Member

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